Our Brands

We count ourselves pretty gosh darn lucky that we have not 1 but 4 skin and hair brands in our Happy little family :) Here's a little recap on how it all came to be! x Phoebe and Aaron

Happy Skincare


It all started back in 2010 when Phoebe was pregnant with our first REAL baby. That was the beginning of Happy Skincare and what an incredible year it was. Happy Skincare was created out of Aaron's desire to do something wonderful for his wife, but has morphed into so much more than that. Happy Skincare is now our way of bringing smiles to you through skin glowiness and just feeling amazing in your own skin.

Woohoo Body


5 years later in 2015 another Happy family member came into the world - the Woohoo All Natural Deodorant Paste. We're on a mission with Wooho Body to shake up the deodorant industry a bit!! Most of us are so used to reaching for our antiperspirants that we don't stop to consider that they aren't really the best option for your health. Deodorant pastes are a whole new style of deodorant and our raving Woohoo fans say it works even better than even clinical strength antiperspirants.

HESO Men's Grooming


Fast forward to 2018 HESO Men's Grooming was added to the fold. HESO is a range of men's shaving products that Aaron has been wanting to create for years. As a sensitive skinned Australian bloke (who - just quietly - is also an incredibly talented cosmetic formulator), Aaron completely understands the unique skincare needs of Australian men and has created the products that have been missing from the market. Within just a few months of being released, the HESO range has already won international beauty awards, so we're beside ourselves with excitement about this wonderful start to the HESO chapter of our journey.

Happy You Hair


2020 brings us a new family member, Happy You Har. We're so passionate about Happy You because it truly is a game-changing natural haircare range - fabulous hair AND good for the planet. With our transformative biodegradable and marine-safe formulas you can have that I-just-walked-out-of-a-salon feeling without concerns about the impact that most shampoos and conditioners have on our environment.