A switch to plastic packaging for some products

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You may have noticed that 2 of our products (the Cloud 9 Deep Cleansing Balm and the Pig In Mud Mineral Mask) have switched over to plastic and may be wondering why. So we thought it be best to share with you why this has happened.

Poor quality and unreliable overseas glass manufacturers

Finding a consistent supplier for glass was becoming more and more difficult and we couldn’t find any Australian manufacturers, which was forcing us to purchase from China instead, and what we received was often faulty or smashed on arrival.

Plastics are used throughout the supply chain

We also looked down the supply chain and all the raw ingredients we use are packaged and stored in plastic long before they arrive at Happy Skincare to be turned into one of your favourite products, an unfortunate fact of the cosmetic industry.

So we had to ask ourselves – what are we really achieving by packaging our products in glass?

Then we discovered eco-friendly plastics in our own backyard

We have found some great Australian plastic manufacturers. Our preferred one even has 100% recyclable packaging made in a 100% carbon offset factory. This makes them very eco-friendly.

We know plastic isn’t every ones cup of tea but it does have quite a few benefits. It:

  • Allows us to use local manufacturers with a consistent supply that is high quality
  • Is 100% recyclable and the lighter weight helps keep delivery costs down.
  • Has a smaller carbon footprint than glass manufacturing.
  • Prevents bathroom breakages
  • Reduces the amount of bubble wrap required for protection during shipping.
  • Helps keep our prices from rising

Moving forward we are ALWAYS on the lookout for improved packaging.

The cosmetics industry doesn’t have an ideal packaging solution right now as both plastics and glass have their positives and negatives. But we’re keeping our ears very close to the ground about new developments being made globally and there is some exciting and innovative work being done by some very clever people.

We do hope you understand where we are coming from, as we don’t take this decision lightly. We look forward to updating you again in the near future

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