And the new name of the Anti-Ageing & Repair Cream Is….

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It was so, so, so hard to choose the new name for the Anti-Ageing and Repair Cream from all of the very inspired ideas that we received. Happy Skincare was built around this one simple little cream and we wanted the new name to stay true to its roots but also express a bit of what we’re all about.

So without further ado the new name is…

‘Lovable Me’ Anti-Ageing Cream

(we hope you like it! Please leave us a comment below if you have any feedback)


… Undecided!

Since posting this morning we have received feedback that the majority don’t like the name ‘Lovable Me’ Anti-Ageing Cream. So we’re going back to the drawing board and we have narrowed it down to these finalists for the cream’s new name:

  • Perfectly Happy Anti-Ageing Cream
  • Happy Anti-Ageing & Renewal Cream
  • Bliss Renewal and Repair Cream
  • Day Dream Anti-Ageing Cream
  • 7th Heaven Renewal Cream
  • Rise and Shine Renewal Cream

If you’d like to share with us which of these you like best then we welcome your comment below

Why lovable me?

The ‘Lovable Me’ idea has close ties to an incredible lady we met a few weeks ago. Phoebe had the pleasure of watching her speak at the Utopia Womens Wellness day and Millie’s story of her ups and downs struggling with her body image really struck a chord with us.

We asked her to write a little something for you to introduce herself. Over to you Millie….

To love yourself internally you must also show love and affection to yourself externally.

Millie-Aldridge-at-Utopia-Womens-WellnessHi my name is Millie Aldridge and I am the founder of I Am Lovable ( and a happiness coach. Our business is teaching women to love themselves, feel empowered from within and wake up happy and confident every day.

So what does a happiness coach and Happy Skin Care have in common? They are both helping to give you tools on how you can love and respect the body you are in.

For some of us we don’t spend much time or money on ourselves, or for others we might spend too much time and money on trying to achieve the “perfect body” only to be left feeling empty.

I was blessed to have met the Happy Skincare team at the Utopia event in Brisbane a few weeks ago. They gave me a free sample mask; my first thought was “great thank you so much I will use that.” My next thought was “when am I going to have time to use it in my busy life?”

You see I believe that if we don’t make time for ourselves, fill up our own cup we will never feel completely satisfied or lovable. We are always doing nice things for everyone else and forgetting to be kind to ourselves.

Millie-Aldridge-wearing-Pig-In-MudSo last week I was having a break in between my work, I began to feel a little down and tired. “Right what can I do to help bring myself back up?” I remembered in that moment about the mask. So I lathered it all over my face, it felt beautiful on my skin, I was getting in touch with myself again and it felt lovely. I slowed down, took some time out and enjoyed my own company. I lay down on my bed with my feet up on the wall, I wanted to smile but I didn’t want to crack my mask as it began to dry. So I took half a dozen deep slow breathes and really felt my face beginning to calm down and relax (as well as the rest of my body).

As I washed it off, the smile came out and I felt alive again.

Whether it be washing your face or moisturising your body, it is so important to give yourself this soothing love. It helps to build up your confidence and feel happy inside and OUT.

Love the inner YOU. If you need something to read as you lay down pampering yourself with Happy Skincare products, have a read through I Am Lovable’s happy thoughts on Facebook or Instagram @MillieAld.

Love and happiness to you all.

Millie xxx

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