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Announcing our Affiliate Program

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Do you love Happy Skincare enough to help spread the word?

As a small family owned business we don’t have the money for TV commercials or big ads in magazines. We rely on word of mouth for the word to get around about our awesome products.

Here’s the thing – we’ve found a way for you to help us spread the word and get paid cold hard cash for your efforts!

Earn over $5 cash for every new customer you refer

It’s called an affiliate program and allows you to earn a LIFETIME commission of 12.5% for each new customer that you send our way who orders online through our website.

For example, if you refer someone spends $50, we pay you $6.25. Not bad right?  Then when they order again in a few months, we pay you again (because it's a lifetime commission!).

Click here if you’re ready to start earning.

If you are a business owner, blogger, involved in a charity group, or just have lots of friends then you can potentially earn quite a lot of money just for telling your networks about Happy Skincare.

Click here to sign up now – it is completely free and will take less than 2 minutes.

If you’re interested but a bit confused and need more info, email your contact details to [email protected] and we’ll get back to you.

P. S. Don’t forget we have speciality products to help with chronic dry skin, eczema, and skin damage done by cancer treatments. So put your thinking caps on and start spreading the word to anyone you think can benefit from improving their skin.

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