Are you guilty of these 6 bad beauty habits?

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No matter how good our intentions are, sometimes we slip up and fall into a bad habit. This week we thought we would expose 6 beauty habits that you might not even know are bad for you.

I have to admit that I’m guilty of a couple…

1. Leaving your beauty products in the wrong spot

Even though it is super handy to have beauty products you constantly use within an arm’s reach, most were made to survive in areas that are cool and dark.

The extreme temperatures of a car and the high humidity of a bathroom make them unsuitable for your favourite products. When stored in areas where there is excessive heat or humidity, products can break down quicker, change consistency, and packaging can fail leaving you with a gooey mess. The same goes for the extreme cold too.

Don’t forget those products that you have been keeping in your handbag either!

2. Just focusing on your face

Your neck, hands and décolletage all battle the same daily stresses as your lovely face so it makes sense to give them some TLC at the same time. By taking care of these areas you will get a better overall glow and they won’t give away your age.

Exercising with makeup on3. Exercising with makeup on

Embrace the beetroot face and leave the makeup for after the workout. Products like foundation and concealer can interfere with your sweat escaping properly. The last thing you want is sweat getting trapped in a pore and leaving you with a big pimple!

4. Drying your hair with a towel

The outer layer (or cuticle) of your hair is layered like a tiled roof. The flatter it is the more shine your hair will have. When you dry your hair by rubbing it with a towel in all directions roughs up the outer layer and damages it. This leads to drier hair and faster colour fade.

The best way to dry your hair is by wrapping it in a towel first and then rubbing down with the direction of the cuticle from the root to the end. Applying a few drops of hair oil helps to keep the cuticles in great shape giving you that lovely shine.

Wrap your hair in a towelThe Good Vibes Omega Facial Oil, TLC Intensive Repair Oil and Black Seed Oil are all great for using as a hair treatment oil (it’s not just your beloved dog who can benefit from Omega 3’s for a shiny coat)

5. Dry shaving

Guys are not known for their beauty tips but I am yet to meet a dude that would dry shave. Shaving without any lubrication causes dry skin, flaking, razor burns and more cuts covered with toilet paper than Norman Gunstan.

The slicker the surface, the closer the shave, for silkier smooth legs. We recommend steering clear of the common shaving foams and gels. One look at the ingredient list and you would understand why. Ugh!

There are a few natural shaving oils around and they are brilliant at reducing razor burn and getting a closer shave. But you could also use the TLC Intensive Repair Oil if you didn’t want to add another product to your shopping list

6. Peeling nail polish off

Do not peel nail polish offIt may seem like a good idea to fill in some time waiting for the train to arrive but peeling off nail polish also removes the top layer of nail. By removing this protective layer your nails will become thinner, weaker and more brittle.

If your nails and cuticles need some love then MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane) is the answer. This natural mineral helps to strengthen and repair lack-lustre nails. It may sound a little strange but the Cloud 9 Deep Cleansing Balm which contains MSM is also a great night time nail and cuticle treatment.

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