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While we might put a lot of thought into which serum or moisturiser we choose, any old cleanser will do, right?


The key to an awesome skincare routine is selecting the right products for your individual skin type (nope, not pinching your mate’s face wash!).

A carefully selected cleanser not only ensures your skin is clean; it can help you avoid common skin problems like clogged pores, dry patches and overproduction of sebum.

Yet with so many types of cleansers available, how do you know which is best for you?

Cleansing balms -for all skin types except oily

Using a cleansing balm is like giving your skin a great big hug. Perfect for dry and ageing skin, balms gently melt away dirt and impurities while also softening and comforting your skin.

The Cloud 9 Deep Cleansing Balm is oil-based and you can use it with or without water. For the latter, massage an almond-sized dollop into the skin for 20-30 seconds (leave it on for up to 30 minutes for a super duper deep cleanse) then wipe away using a clean cloth or one of ourKonjac sponges.

Gel cleansers -for all skin types except very dry

Cleansing gels are usually ideal forall skin types except for very dry skin, and for use all year round. Because they’re gentle on your skin but still provide a deep clean. Acne-prone and oily skin types can also benefit from using a gel cleanser as gels can eliminate surface oils and bacteria.

I know we’re biased but we think our Chirpy Charcoal Cleansing Gel is pretty freakin’ special because it contains activated bamboo charcoal. What’s so cool about charcoal? Well, it’s non-toxic and provides an immensely deep clean so you can say “so long” to dirt, pesky pollutants and sebum.

Gel cleansers are usually best applied to damp skin and massaged in to create a lather before being thoroughly rinsed off with warm (never too hot) water.

Cleansing oil -for all skin types

The go-to for all skin types, an oil cleanser dissolves dirt and makeup without stripping your skin of its natural oils. This means you don’t get that post-cleanse ‘tightness’.

The best oil cleansers (like our 3 Cheers Cleansing Oil) use non-comedogenic oils so that your pores don’t become clogged. That said, oil cleansers should be thoroughly removed after cleansing.

Pro Tip:Often oil cleansers aren’t recommended for extremely oily or acne prone skin but the 3 Cheers suits everyone because of it’s special ability to emulsify with water, just like magic :)

Cleansing oil can be applied to dry skin; wet hands and massage the oil into the face (watch the magic as the 3 Cheers turns milky!). Rinse with warm water and a soft cloth or one of our Konjac sponges. Pat your skin dry (don’t rub).

What if I've got sensitive skin?

Good news - ALL of our cleansers are much loved by other sensitive souls x

Which one will you try? Or do you already have a favourite? Let us know in the comments section!

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