Blind Pimples – What to do when Mt Fuji appears on your face

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Redheads have a reputation for having a bad temper but we can confirm that it’s a myth.

They are extremely good looking, humorous, lovable characters (if you have seen Aaron you will know this is a biased opinion from a bona fide Ginger).

Redheads are wonderful.

UNLESS, that is, the redhead in your life is big, fat, volcanic looking blind pimple.

What are Blind Pimples (or Redheads)?

Just like whiteheads and blackheads, blind pimples are caused by sebum (your skin’s own oil) trapped in a blocked pore. But unlike blackheads and whiteheads, bind pimples are red, lumpy pimples on your skin that look like Mt Fuji and don’t have a head – because they’re trapped deep in your skin.

Bacteria love this more than a hot tub after a long day on the ski slopes. So they kick back and have a few Jägermeisters. Then the hot-tubbing-Jager-bombing antics of the bacteria result in some nasty inflammation for you.

Blind pimples can be painful because inflammation is deeper down in the skin, closer to your nerves.

If you’re a cyclist or horse rider you will know how sore they can be. If you spend enough time in a saddle and you’ve probably experienced a type of blind pimple in a very sensitive area usually called a saddle sore. For those who don’t ride bikes or horses – we’re sure that your imagination paints a pretty good picture!

What causes blind pimples?

Squeezing whiteheads and black heads can lead to blind pimples. If you use thick foundations, creams and sunscreens you might get them too. Another common cause is hormonal changes.

Sound familiar to anyone?

How to deal with a blind pimple naturally (your volcano escape plan)

You go to a lot of effort to use natural products on your skin, so don’t ditch that philosophy just because you’ve got a volcano on your face There’s a very good chance you CAN get rid of a blind pimple with natural products, so try this first.

Firstly – NEVER squeeze a blind pimple. It may cause the pimple to rupture inwards which will lead to a more inflammation and swelling. Mt Fuji just got bigger!

You need to calm down the inflammation and the best way to do that is with something cold, just like if you pulled your hammy.  Wrap an ice cube in a face cloth and apply to area for 3-5 minutes. You can do this again after 15 minutes if required

Before going to bed apply a drawing clay paste and let it do its thing. Our personal go-to is using the Pig In Mud Mineral Mask mixed with Tickled Pink Perfecting Tonic.

The Tickled Pink contains White Willow Bark which is high in salicin which the body turns into salicylic acid which is used to reduce inflammation and pain.

The clay in the mask helps to draw that sucker to the surface so that it is no longer trapped deep in your pore.

In the morning you will either awake to a whitehead or (if the pimple fairies were really kind) just some faint redness where Mt Fuji once stood.

If that red headed sucker is still causing issues you may need to repeat the process or hit it with some medical grade products like an anti-inflammatory, anti-biotic cream. Hopefully it doesn’t get to that but if it does this will help reduce the inflammation so the blind pimple can come to the surface.

What if my pimple pops?

Once your bind pimple has made it to the surface (now as a white head), there’s a chance the pimple will pop (or be popped!). If this does happen, clean it with a sterile alcohol wipe and then give it some space, man.

It’s probably one of the rare times we recommend alcohol on your skin but you really want to be sure all the bacteria is obliterated and the area dries out.

NO touching and NO products so that it can breathe and start to heal. You need to keep the bacteria out of the popped pimple or you may have a bigger problem to deal with.

Once the healing has begun, check out Dilo (Tamanu) Oil to help that popped pimple recover fast and with minimal scarring.

Which brings us to some good news …

Our wild-harvested DiIo (Tamanu) Oil is back in stock

Happy Skincare Dilo Oil T amanu Oil 100mlWe had a bit of a supply shortage after Fiji was hit with a cyclone in summer but they’re now recovering and our new supplier has been able to send us some precious Dilo Oil (i.e. liquid Fijian gold).

This is the BEST tamanu/dilo oil we have found, and we have literally been searching the world for it.

From the tiny Fijian island of Rotuma this Dilo Oil has the best aroma of any Tamanu/Dilo Oil we have ever tried. It also has superior bioactivity due to its pristine environment and the care that has been taken to sun-dry the Dilo nuts and cold press the oil.

Supply is still inconsistent until Fiji gets back to normal so if you need some get in now as we don’t have heaps.

When you’re placing your order, remember that we have 2 options:

  1. The 100ml option – this is our precious wild-harvested Fijian dilo oil
  2. The 30ml option – this is organic tamanu oil from Vietnam which isn’t the same superior quality or lovely nutty scent as the Fijian dilo oil.

Find out more about our hands-down favourite oil (and its many talents) here.

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