The Happiest Christmas gift guide there ever was

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The Happiest Christmas gift guide there ever was

It’s December, and that festive tingle is starting to work its way up our arms and legs, and to add to the very exciting mix, we’ve been celebrating OUR BIRTHDAY!

In case you've left your gifting till the last minute (don't worry, you're not alone), here's an epic Last Minute Natural Christmas Gift Guide :)

All of these brands are part of our mega $2000+ giveaway which you can enter here! The best part? They reflect our ethical brand values & are bombdiggity AWESOME.

We searched high and low and even behind the Christmas tree to find these products that we think you'll love. They're all Aussie small businesses whose gorgeous products are natural and vegan. What's not to love about that?

For the last minute shoppers, simply hit EXPRESS SHIPPING to receive by next week! If you miss the cut off, no dramas - Boxing Day sales are where it’s at (although we won't be doing a boxing day sale sorry - we'll be closed and quite possibly napping!).

Here are some of our fave product picks from this happy bunch.

 Happy Gifting, folk!

  1. Coconut Tree,Body Beautiful Pack, $56.00,
  2. Fullfilled Co.,Baller Box, $60.00,
  3. Funch,Funch Hamper, $29.95,
  4. Hanako,I AM…Love Holiday Gift Pack, $85.95,
  5. Happy Skincare,‘Bliss Seeker’ Gift Pack, $59.95,
  6. Heal’r,Tour Flask and 100g Awaken’d, $60.75,
  7. IME Natural Perfume,Collections Pack, $59.95,
  8. IN2TEA,Green Tea – Box of 10, $7.95,
  9. Keeko Oil,Beauty Booster + Teeth Whitening Powder, $16.95,
  10. Lemon Canary,Christmas Gift Candle, $22.50,
  11. Luk Beautifood,Perfect Gift….Red & Pink Party Pack, $99.95,
  12. Salt Laboratory,Salt Lab Gift Pack, $50.00,
  13. Serotnin Eatery,Gift Voucher, $50.00,
  14. Luxe Fitness,Kabi Water Bottle, $49.99,
  15. The Chocolate Yogi,Chocolate Lovers Deluxe Gift Hamper (Large), $71.20,
  16. Woohoo Body,Woohoo Sample Pack, $16.50,
  17. The Wellnest,The Glow Box, $33.95,
  18. Imbibe Living,The Energizer, $13.64,

What's on your Christmas wish list? xx

(and DON'T FORGET to enter our big birthday giveaway!!)

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