Creams Vs. Serums Vs. Facial Oils … what’s the difference?

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If you are baffled by what makes a serum different to a moisturiser, there is good reason. The line between serums, oils and creams is completely blurred.

In the beginning when a bright spark came up with the idea of a serum they burst onto the scene as water-based products with wacky-doo anti-ageing ingredients. So while creams are made up of water and oil, serums were just the water parts, turned into a gel. No oils or waxes.

Because of this they are touted as having smaller molecules so they can penetrate deeper into the skin.

Nowadays there are facial serums that are technically facial oils or light moisturisers. One reason for this is that there are people like us who just don’t believe that a water-based product soaks in any deeper than one with oil.

After all, our skin is made of oils and generally keeps water out. If it didn’t keep water out then having a swim at the beach would be interesting!

So you will find serums which contain both water-based ingredients and oils (making them like a light cream), like our ‘Happily Ever After’ Vitamin C Eye Serum. We believe oils soak in quickly and are best at delivering all of the whiz-bang ingredients to your skin. Especially things like Olive Squalane which has a very similar structure to your skin’s own sebum.

On the other hand we don’t really agree with brands that have an all-oil product who label it as a serum. To us that should still be called a facial oil. Like the ‘Laugh Out Loud’ Active Jojoba Oil, which is a blend of beautiful oils and has CoQ10 added to blast it into the stratosphere

What it all boils down to is that there’s one very important, distinct trait that should separate a good serum from your everyday moisturiser.

No serum should be found skimping on the active ingredients (the ones that your skin REALLY loves). A good serum has the optimal levels of potent ingredients like Vitamin C, CoQ10, MSM, Vitamin B and botanical extracts to tackle those pesky little skin problems.

This is why a little goes a long way when it comes to serums.

Don’t forget our backyard heroes

The ‘Happily Ever After’ Vitamin C Eye Serum ticks the ‘potent’ ingredient box. It contains very well-known and documented ingredients that help skin like Vitamin C and CoQ10.

But the thing that excites us the most about our eye serum is that you will get to experience and benefit from Australia’s own botanical superstars.

Kakadu Plum, Quandong, Emu Apple and Flame tree are just as kickass as anything from the Amazon or Switzerland. There are so many more incredible Australian ingredients that are now available … we get a little giddy trying to decide which ones to use in our products!

Our prince charming (eye serum) is back (and still FREE)

We were thrilled that our 1st batch of ‘Happily Ever After’ Vitamin C Eye Serum sold out in 3 days, but were crushed when we went to make more and realised there was no Vitamin C left in Australia

We reached out for an international favour and it was granted. This meant the eye serum is back quicker than expected (yahoo). We were able to get some Vitamin C to make another small batch while we wait for the full shipment to arrive in mid-December.

It was only a small batch so hopefully there is enough for everyone. If you’re keen to try it out then please get in sooner rather than later.

To get yourself a free eye serum valued at $40.70 just place an order over $60 and use the voucher code HAPPYEYES (terms and conditions apply).

The Happily Ever After Vitamin C Eye Serum is Back

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