Help us decide which new products to create in 2016

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We hope you have had a phenomenal break over Christmas and New Years and managed to get some R&R amidst the craziness. If you’re still holidaying – keep relaxing you lucky duck!

We’ve been back for a week now and we’re itching to get 2016 pumping.

We even ventured down to Officeworks and got a big planning whiteboard so we can get all our ideas and thoughts in one spot. Very grown up of us we know

Last year we put together a not-so-little list of new products that you’ve been asking for, but we we’re always looking out for more ideas and suggestions, so we make sure we sink our teeth into the right products.

Our shortlist of new products for 2016

The top 4 products we’ve shortlisted on our shiny new white board are:

  • ‘Sweet Dreams’ Hand and Foot Cream (new and improved)
  • All body lotion/body butter (for those who prefer a creamy product to a body oil)
  • SPF15+ tinted moisturiser.
  • A new scent option for the Woohoo! All Natural Deodorant

2016 Happy Skincare wishlistAs usual, we’ll be looking for human hamsters to help us trial our latest and greatest creations. If you think you fit the bill, then keep reading our weekly newsletter because we’ll be asking for volunteers when each product is ready for its first public appearance.

Is there anything hot on your wish list that you’d like Happy Skincare to try and create?

If yes then comment below and let us know!

Have you tried Over the Moon yet? (our new Rich Repair Cream)

Over-the-Moon-Rich-Repair-Cream-mini-in-jar_200x221We’re still on track for getting the Over the Moon Rich Repair Cream ready by the end of January. The tube sealing machine arrives next week so it’s getting veeeeeeery close!

(We’re going to be using special tubes with an enzyme in the plastic that makes it biodegradabale – extremely cool stuff).

If you’re really hanging out and can’t wait any longer to try our new rich moisturising cream, we have some 20g jars available here.

We’ve been getting some fabulicious feedback so far from everyone who jumped in early and nabbed themselves a preview jar.  If you’ve tried it and loved it, we’d be so grateful if you popped over to the website to write a review

Don’t forget to comment below and let us know what’s on the top of your Happy Skincare new product wishlist.

Leave us a comment below

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