How to minimise pores

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Who is unhappy with their pore size? It’s a common complaint. Pore size is partly determined by genetics but since we can’t do anything about that there is no point lamenting. However all is not lost.

Clogged pores = large pores

The other half of the equation of pore size is what is trapped inside them. If oxidised sebum and dead skin cells are allowed to gather in the pore it will stretch them, making pores look bigger.

This gets compounded by age and sun damage. Between the ages of 25 and 50 pore size can double. This is because ageing and sun damage both decrease collagen and elastin – the bricks and mortar of your skin. As the structural support of your skin decreases the walls of your pores will start to sag and bag which equals larger looking pores.

Ok, time for some good news.

It’s time to share with you some tips that will minimise pores and have them looking better in just one week. You probably even know about them already.

1. Cleanse

No brainer really. You need to clean out all the dirt, oil, makeup and grime from the pores. But cleansing correctly is vital. If your cleanser is too harsh it will take away too much oil leaving your skin dry. This will cause your skin will go into survival mode and create more oil (sebum) which is what you want to avoid.

2. Mask

Do this once or twice a week. Masks exfoliate, detox, tone and nourish the skin all while drawing out the gunk from your pores. Don’t be alarmed if you get a few spots from a mask. It is a good sign that it is doing its job. The spot was always going to appear – the mask just fast-forwarded the process. It is wise not to use a mask the day before a big event.

3. Tone

This will keep your pores clean and clear. Salicylic acid is the go-to ingredient and is getting all the attention. If you want to keep it natural look for white willow bark which is high in beneficial salicin. A good toner will also double as a gentle daily exfoliator. Fermented Papaya is also fantastic because it lightly exfoliates while also doing a host of other wonderful things like reducing redness, soothing, repairing and providing vitamin C.

4. Moisturise

Well hydrated skin is essential for maintaining the skin’s structure that supports your pores. This is also the time to ensure your skin is fed the right stuff. Vitamin C, A and omega 3,6,9,5 and 7 are essential for skin health and slowing down the loss of collagen and elastin. You moisturiser should also have ingredients that help balance sebum production and assist maintaining your skin’s acid mantle. Argan oil and Watermelon seed oil are two of our favourites.

So as you can see it is pretty simple but it does require good quality products and a consistent routine.

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