No more cracked heels or dry feet – tips for soft feet

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Uh-oh… Cracked heels anyone?

The summer days of tootsies in sandals and thongs are sadly behind us, but your feet might now be heaving a sigh of relief if all that exposure to the elements has left you with dry feet or cracked heels.

Now it’s time to look forward to getting out the sexy winter boots again, however unfortunately for your feet it’s not all good news. The cooler weather combined with hot baths and showers can cause your skin to dry out and the dreaded dry feet and cracked heels can rear their ugly heads again.

So here are some pampering tips to keep your feet soft, lush and crack-free.

  1. Cleanse and Exfoliate – Take care of your feet at night by cleansing those little piggies thoroughly and gently pummel them with a pumice stone. This will keep them fresh and also remove the dead skin cells.
  2. Moisturise – Dry your feet well and give them a caring massage while moisturising. Choose a moisturiser that has peppermint to stimulate circulation and also protects the feet by locking in the moisture. Our new ‘Sweet Dreams’ Softening Foot Treatment fits the bill perfectly.
  3. Keep moisturising all night long – After moisturising pop on a pair of light natural fabric socks that you can wear to bed. Cotton and bamboo are great choices. Your socks will also stop dust and dirt from sticking to your freshly pampered feet.
  4. Soak swollen feet – If your feet are swollen after a long day of running around, treat them like an overpaid sports star with a good cold soaking as soon as you get home and get a chance to sit down. Simply fill up a bucket with cold water and add 10 ice cubes. Soak for 5 minutes.
  5. Splash out – Treat yourself to a pedicure every now and again

By following these tips you won’t have to be self conscious about your cracked heels in yoga class! (or is that just me?)

Our Accidental Hero – the ‘Sweet Dreams’ Softening Foot Treatment

Sweet Dreams Softening Foot Treatment helps with dry, cracked heelsSome of the world’s great discoveries were accidents and the ‘Sweet Dreams’ Softening Foot Treatment is following that tradition. While we were developing a product to assist athletes in preventing chafe we developed an awesome treatment for dry feet and cracked heels. Crazy but true.

It moisturises, softens and protects your feet. It will help transform tired, dry and cracked tootsies to being fresh, soft and beautiful.

FREE softening foot treatment with orders over $30

With the release of our limited edition ‘Sweet Dreams’ Softening Foot Treatment this week you can get with it free with every order over $30. All you need to do is add items to your shopping cart and your free foot treatment will automatically be added to your order at checkout (conditions apply).

Click here to read more.

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