Spoiler Alert – Our new project is being revealed early because we need your help

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Most of you know that we’re working hard on creating a new 100% natural deodorant that is totally mind-blowingly awesome.

It’s very exciting for us – an updated formula has just gone out to our product testing team for them to give us the thumbs up so we can start making it for you.

Everything was on track. Until yesterday. (Insert suspenseful music here)

What no one knew until now was that our new super deodorant was going to have its own brand…. Sweaty Betty Body.

We were very excited about Sweaty Betty Body and many a late night was had over the past 7 months working on all the bits and pieces bringing this concept to life.

Unfortunately today at a crucial hurdle we ran into legal issues with the name Sweaty Betty. We were getting the name trademarked and it had passed all the initial assessments. Just like building plans get sent out to the public for objections as a final check, so to do trademark applications.

So just 1 week before we were set to get our trademark approval, someone has objected to our trademark application. A pretty big UK company called Sweaty Betty (they make gym clothes) is objecting.

Without getting too much into legal-ese, the Sweaty Betty trademark applies to the gym clothes and fashion categories and ours is in a separate category – the skincare category. Trademark categories are there so brands in non-competing industries can use the same name. An example is Tiger Airways and Tiger Beer. Both are called Tiger but that’s ok because ones a beer and ones an airline.

So we thought there wouldn’t be a problem in our case because one is clothing and the other is deodorant. It seems we were wrong!

By the sounds of the rather hostile letter we received yesterday they’re strongly opposed to our trademark and will challenge it in court if need be. Grrrr. That has really popped our balloon. As much as we would love to stick it the UK brand for accusing us of illegal behaviour and trying to bully us to cease our trademark application we don’t have the time or money. Boo

with a cherry on topWe really want to have our new deodorant ready to roll for you before summer, and getting into a trademark dispute would push the release of the deodorant back months … or even years!

So we need some fresh ideas for a new brand name. Can you help pretty please (with a cherry on top)!?

Its perfect timing – you’ve probably had your Sunday caffeine hit to get the creative juices flowing (or Monday, if you’re reading this at work).

We’re looking for a name with personality – it should be self-confident, positive, fun, and adventurous.

If you have an idea, bring it on. Let us know in the comments below, or Facebook, or just use a good old fashioned email ([email protected]).

Surely someone can trump Aaron’s new favourite which is ‘Axilla Gorilla Deodorant’! Some of our other favourites are…

  • Sweaty Sauce
  • Ping (… get some ping for your pong hehehe)
  • Pobo (can you guess what this stands for?)

Please remember that by submitting an idea you’re giving us permission to use your idea, but we’re 100% responsible making sure that it is legal to use that name.

You don’t have to have a fresh idea to leave us a comment, you can let us know if you like one of the ideas already suggested too


P.S. We have considered the obvious choice and just making the deodorant under the ‘Happy Skincare’ brand but would you believe that it would be upsetting another big brand? Have you heard of Clinique? (due to their trademarks we want to avoid using the word “Happy”).


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