The Beginning of a New Era

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It has been “all systems go” the last couple of weeks as our little business takes a big step forward. We have set up our own mini manufacturing plant.

Over the past 12 months we have had 2 of our products made at a large-scale contract manufacturing plant, but this was pretty costly and slooooooow.

March has been our 2nd biggest month to date, and with demand for our products growing so quickly, we needed to step up our game.

Plus, there may be a little bit of “control freak” in us (OK, there definitely is!) but we wanted to make everything in house again. We do set the bar pretty high for making sure that our products are nothing short of awesome

This meant that we needed some shiny new equipment. Soon two mixing tanks all the way from China were on a ship headed towards Newcastle. We would have loved to get them in Australia but they were simply WAY out of our price range.

The biggest race of 2015

It turned out to be race. Would the new mixing machinery be ready before we ran out of stock?

There were hiccups. But nothing a little free family support didn’t overcome. The biggest headache was that the machines’ electricals had to be rewired to work in Australia.

The clock was ticking. The longer it took to get machines up running the faster the stock was moving out the door. It was like watching the sands of an hourglass.

We were totally over the moon when we finally got the machines running but then we hit another brick wall. There were 2 little parts that the machinery people forgot to send us. So again the clock was ticking.

Alas we didn’t get the machines running in time and this week we ran out of Perfectly Happy Light Anti Oxidant Cream and the Cloud 9 Deep Cleansing Balm.

The good news is that new batches have been made. To our super patient friends who have something on backorder – your products will be sent out early this week (they’ll be on their way to our warehouse on Monday).

The Perfectly Happy Light Anti Oxidant Cream has been made even better than before.

perfectly happy light antioxidant creamOne of the reasons we wanted to manufacture everything ourselves was so we could get new products up and running quicker. But before we launched into our new projects, Phoebe wanted to give the Perfectly Happy Light Anti-Oxidant Cream a little upgrade.

It is Phoebe’s favourite moisturiser but she wanted it to be better. Phoebe said it needed Vitamin C. So that’s what it got. The Perfectly Happy Light Anti-Oxidant cream now has added pure Vitamin C (perhaps the best antioxidant of them all!), and that’s not all.

We also upgraded the native Australian Extracts. Kakadu Plum and Quandong are now combined with Emu Apple and Illawarra Flame Tree.

These extracts are created using an innovative ‘cellular level’ extraction process giving them superior percentages of bio-actives and higher antioxidant levels. In English – they work fantastically!

We think you will love the new Perfectly Happy Light Anti Oxidant Cream. It’s still gorgeously light instantly soaks in but is even more effective at helping with brightening and correcting your skin.

Help us beat the big guys and you could win $1000

Vote for us to winWe know it sounds like we are blowing our own trumpet but we are nominating ourselves for an ORIA (Online Retailer Industry Award). We are aiming for “best small online retailer” category (wish us luck!!).

We are also just as excited about a night on the town without the kids if we get selected as a finalist

Another award which we would love to go up for is the People’s Choice Award. This one is more meaningful as it’s judged by the people who really matter – you!

If you feel that we have provided amazing service, please vote for us as your favourite online store in the StarTrack ORIAS People’s Choice Award.

You’ll be in the running to win a $1000 gift card. Terms and Conditions apply. Find out more by visiting

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Thank you for your support xx

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