We’re Setting Up the Tree Early!

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We can be real sticklers when following self-imposed rules. Having good self-discipline has its virtues. But it can be a little strange when you have a rule, but you don’t really know why.

One such rule in our house is that the Christmas tree is set up on December  1st, and not a day earlier. This week this unnecessary rule was turned on its head by someone very wise – Nan.

Last week whilst having a chat with Nan she mentioned that she was going to put out the Christmas decorations. We galumphed the idea saying it was too early. Nan wisely replied that you should enjoy Christmas for as long as you can, since it can be such a joy filled time.

Being the rebellious children we are, we weren’t going to give in. We were going to continue in our stubborn ways and wait till December 1st.

Not December 2nd, mind you. Because we really do look forward to the official start of Christmas

It has been a very sombre week. The events in France and Lebanon have had an effect on all of us and closer to home we’ve had some sadness too. Don’t worry. We’re not about to change our name to ‘Sad Skincare’. There’s not much of a ring to that now is there?

It would be easy to be a little ho-hum about Christmas this year, but we’re not.

There’s still plenty of joy in the world, but you could be forgiven for missing it since it’s not being played 24/7 on our TVs.

All we need to do is look for it. Or better yet make it.

So this weekend, the TV is turned off and the Christmas tree (and everything else in sight it seems!) is being decorated early this year. With 2 small boys the excitement might hit fever pitch but hopefully it just spreads the little ripple of joy further.

Nan was right! We’ll have our humble pie with custard and side serve of pudding. Maybe some jelly too.

Happy (EARLY) Christmas!

Now who’s going to join us and start getting festive already?? xx

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