KUU Konjac Sponge $11.55

Used for over 1500 years in Japan, this facial sponge is deep cleansing, biodegradable, chemical free and pH balanced - way gentler than your face cloth.

AWARD WINNING - 'Spoonful of Sugar' Exfoliating Scrub $34.10

Gently exfoliate away rough skin & dead skin cells toĀ reveal a brighter, clearer, softer complexion. Non-abrasive, suitable for sensitive skin, & helps control breakouts too. This scrub smells oh-so-good & turns frowns upside-down!

NEW - 'Kicks and Giggles' Coffee Body Scrub $19.80

This coffee body scrub is pure, top-to-toe indulgence. And it doesn't just *feel* good, it *does* good too. It'll lift your spirits and leave your skin moisturised and feeling alive!


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