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This year we didn’t stop at just 1 gift pack. Oh no. We’ve gone all out. There are 4 (yes FOUR!!!) brand new, whiz bang, absolutely beautiful gift packs for you to choose from. 

PLUS we've given a bit of extra HO-HO-HO to the good ol' 3 Step Happy System by add a gift from us to you, our 'Indulgence' soy candle. And we couldn't leave out the Super-Sized Sample Pack - it's one of our all time favourite stocking stuffers.

Chrissy shopping? Consider it DONE. Zero stress, zero shopping centres, and bucket loads of happy.

Super-Sized Sample Pack $19.80
202 reviews

Total pack value over $40 (sold separately)

Here's what we're all about in a little bag of skin happiness. You can try a 2 week supply of our best selling, organic, vegan and 100% natural products with skin clearing, renewal and anti-ageing benefits (+ FREE Australian shipping and Next Purchase Voucher*).

3 Step Happy System from $68.75
129 reviews

Total value up to $99.00 (sold separately)

It all starts with just 3 products twice a day to hydrate, repair, rejuvenate, and to give your skin a beautiful glow. Follow these 3 steps with our organic, vegan and 100% natural products and from day one you’ll be on your way to clear, healthy, glowing skin. PLUS add a mask or serum for a free gift :)

'The Wanderer' Gift Pack $49.50
No reviews

Total value $81.95 (sold separately)

Know someone who loves to travel? or with a serious case of wanderlust? This is the gift for them - the Happy travel must-haves.

'Indulgence' Soy Candle $19.80
No reviews

The gentle flicker of this handcrafted candle will put you into relaxation overdrive. It's a soul-soother.

'Smile' Organic Cotton Bag (Fair Trade) $13.20
1 review

These cute yet oh-so-practical cosmetic/travel bags are made from 100% organic cotton but the most amazing thing isn’t about what they are made of but who made them.

Gift Card from $10.00
Gift Card from $10.00
1 review

If you have someone that would love some Happy Skincare for Christmas but you are worried about getting the right the products for them (skincare can be is quite a personal thing!) then a gift certificate is the answer.

NEW - Woohoo! All Natural Deodorant Paste Sample Pack $16.50
5 reviews

Free Shipping within Australia when you add this to your order

Which Woohoo are you? The world is going crazy for Woohoo and now you can get your very own sample pack. Try all 3 scents of our best selling toxin free, all natural, vegan deodorant. Oh, the best bit? It WORKS!

Kookaburra Gift Box $4.95
No reviews

This very special gift box is the perfect home for the beautiful gifts that you're about to bestow upon someone very deserving xxx

Handcrafted Mask Mixing Bowl $18.70
No reviews

Use this absolutely beautiful little mixing bowl to prepare your 'Pig In Mud' Mineral Mask. It makes using your mineral facial mask easy and mess-free. Handcrafted in Newcastle just for you.


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