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Mineral Masks

'Pig-In-Mud' Mineral Mask $24.75
61 reviews

Detox, tone, revitalise, remove blackheads, reduce pores, smooth rough skin, reduce signs of ageing and recover from breakouts. We have 2 masks - one targeting at rejuvenating dry and sensitive skin, and the other at balancing oil and helping breakouts for oily and combination skin.

Mask Brush $5.50 $13.20
Mask Brush $5.50 $13.20
36 reviews

Use this high quality mask brush to mix up your 'Pig In Mud' Mineral Mask and then to smooth the mask over your face. It's so soft and luxurious you'd swear you're at a day spa.

Stainless Steel Mask Mixing Bowl $5.50 $9.90
36 reviews

Use this cute little stainless steel mixing bowl to prepare your 'Pig In Mud' Mineral Mask. It makes using your mineral facial mask easy and mess-free.

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