Review and Win ($200 up for grabs!)

We've been sitting in the Happy Shed twiddling our thumbs, wondering what you're thinking of our latest creations. Then we had a brainwave. What better way to get your feedback than to run a competition? And... voila!

We all love a good giveaway. Aaron is a total sucker for a competition. Especially when there's a holiday up for grabs. 

Well we don't have a holiday, but we do have the next best thing. It's a $200 Happy Skincare voucher. Wooooo! 

To win all you need to do is try and then leave a review for one of our brand spankin' new products below.

Click here for the nitty gritty (i.e. terms and conditions). Remember that to review the 3 Cheers Cleansing Oil you need to have tried our new formula which means you have ordered this since July 2nd.

To leave your review just scroll down and click on the 'Reviews' tab. Easy peasy.  Entries open till midnight Wednesday 9th August. GOOD LUCK :) 

Oh, and very importantly - please write a 100% HONEST and constructive review. It's your reviews that help us make sure our products are crème de la crème. So hit us with your truth stick.

NEW FORMULA! '3 Cheers' Cleansing Oil $34.10
45 reviews

This cleansing oil has magical powers that allow it to cleanse deeply using the oil cleansing method, but rinse off easily. When mixed with water it turns milky and washes away effortlessly, taking all of the makeup, excess oil, and daily grime with it without stripping your skin of moisture.

NEW! SAMPLE - 'Chirpy' Charcoal Cleansing Gel $4.95
8 reviews

Mix the science of micellar cleansing with activated charcoal and you have one cool cleanser that your pores will love. It suits all skin types, it’s oil free, and it’s BRILLIANT if you’re prone to breakouts. Yes - it's black!

NEW! SAMPLE - 'Mighty Fine' Micellar Cleansing Water $4.95
6 reviews

With a simple swipe of a facial pad this ultra gentle cleanser attracts, dirt, grime, pollution, oil, makeup or any other impurities from your skin with aplomb. You don’t even need to rinse it off (but we recommend you do).

SNEAK PREVIEW SAMPLE - Woohoo! All Natural Deodorant Paste (Mellow) $5.50
11 reviews

We’ve been working on a very different Woohoo - a bicarb soda free, fragrance free and palm oil free Woohoo All Natural Deodorant Paste. If your skin is sensitive, Woohoo Mellow is your go-to deodorant.

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