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Happy Customers

If you’re thinking of ‘taking the plunge’ and giving Happy Skincare a shot (*fist pump*), have a read through the praise that we’ve received from our amazing customers :)
Based on 2019 reviews
I love the smell

I am on the fence about the tickled pink toner. I love the smell, I think it works well and I like that it is all natural, and animal cruelty free, but I don't think it works any better than any other toner I have used. Also, i haven't had the bottle very long and am already about half way through it. For the price I'm not certain it's worth it. I understand that it has to be this price to be as ethical and natural as it is, which is what i love about it, and why I tired it in the first place, but I can't afford to use it when cheaper toners have the same effect on my skin.

Have been looking for this for years!

I was looking for a good, Australian facial cleansing oil a few years ago, but somehow never found Happy Skincare's. This is the best cleansing oil I have used. It works well and my face doesn't feel dry afterwards. However, it takes a fair amount of product each use to be effective, so I don't know how long each bottle will last.

Just what I needed

I often still feel tight and dry, even after moisturising, so I thought a facial oil might be the solution. It is! I add a drop or two to my usual moisturiser of a night and it leaves me feeling lovingly moisturised, but not oily. I also don't wake up with oily skin the morning either, and it finally got rid of the dry patch between my eyebrows! It has a very nice earthy and natural smell.

Nourishing :)

I love this product. It’s feels amazing, leaves my skin feeling really soft & nourished unlike many other facial cleansers. Probably my favourite Happy product, although I’ve just tried a sample of the woohoo deodorant and am super impressed - will definitely be buying this. Another great thing about this skincare range is being able to buy good sample sizes of everything - thanks for such a fantastic healthy range of skincare products :)

So good You could eat it.

I love Spoon full of Sugar Scrub. It gets rid of all the old skin cells and leaves your skin silky smooth without being harsh. A bonus it smells good enough to eat, not that you would.

Great alternative to aresol

4 star from me :) loved the way it rubbed into my underarms was almost like a cream . Works well during winter ... yet to try in warmer months .

Tip to get 5 star- easier application . Maybe in a twist tube casing ?

Interesting and effective

It makes it a bit more fun when you can mix and "create" your own mask. You really don't need a lot of powder (few drops of water) to make one serve. I didn't know what to expect the first time around, however this mask has left my skin clear and refreshed. It exfoliate skin very gently and leaves it smooth and feeling breathable. I prefer it much better than the other ones i've used as they take too long to dry. Highly recommend it

Great Sample to get you started

I wanted to try happy skincare for a while and I'm so glad I finally purchased this sample pack. I have combination skin and this 3 step system left my skin so moisturised and (especially my t zone) not oil at all even next morning. I highly recommend the cleansing balm, it's hands down the best i have tried on the market (also so affordable). The mist and face cream are great combination to the system. Don't hesitate to try, this sample is very generous in size and you will fall in love with the product like I do.

Best cleanser ever

I have been searching for a cleanser that's gentle on my skin but also melts away the dirt and daily make up. I don't wear a lot of make up however all cleansers i've tried so far either leaves my face soapy (I have to wash my face twice normally to get rid of that silky soapy layer) or strips too much oil from my skin and leaves it dry & itchty. This cleansing balm is hands down the best i have ever tried. It left my face clean and glowing (yes glowing) and moisturised. I have not expected a cleanser to be able to achieve so much with one simple application. Highly recommend it to everyone.


Very impressed, worked for both myself & my husband so we have brought a 70g tub each, Thanks

Best natural deodorant I’ve tried

This is the 3rd natural deodorant that Ive tried and it would have to be the best of them, yes you sweat but you don’t smell, it doesn’t sting or leave a rash after shaving, highly recommend

A moisturising hug from a Jaffa or a Terry's Chocolate Orange - Heaven!

Seriously, smells amazing, and super moisturising too! Even covers up most of the chlorine smell on me after swimming training ;)
Just buy it! You won't regret it!

Happy Skincare = Happy Camper

I got the 3 Cheers, Raindrops on Roses & Over the Moon.

Loving the Raindrops, the spray applicator is perfect and in a couple of spritz it spreads effortlessly across your face - smells amazing too!

Over the Moon is ace, perfect amount of moisture for my skin and light and unoffensive scent for all day wear.

I'm still working with the 3 Cheers, a cleansing oil is a new thing for me, and I find it leaves a bit of a residue on my skin, but great for clearing away make up :) The lemongrass smell is to dye for!


Omg best scrub ever!! My skin felt so soft and smooth! Love it

Amazing product

I bought the sample pack and am using the mellow yellow first and my god i love it! Best thing i ever did was buy it! I dont have to reapply as it lasts all day long and i feel so fresh from morning to night! No need to worry about BO anymore ! Love this and highly recommend

It works

This product is my favourite aluminium free deodorant because it works and has no irritation :)

LOVE this GOLDEN oil!

My facial skin is very sensitive to citric acid, preservatives, chemicals, etc. I'd been using jojoba oil as my "moisturiser", which suited me well. Based on the positive benefits promoted about Black Seed Oil, I decided to try it. I simply adore this oil. Initially the strong aroma sparked caution for facial application with me, so I mixed it with jojoba. However, now I confidently use it morning and night on my face. It is earthy, authentic and special... Also good on softening scar tissue. A great discovery!


I honestly didn’t think laugh out loud would be as good as it is!!!


I don't need botox thanks to the way this effectively amazing this product is. After trying every existing deodorant, this one keeps my armpits free from B.O. all day and I'm relieved I don't have to worry about my hyperhidrosis any more.

Happy customer

Glad I tried Woohoo, it's the best natural deodorant I've had, I'll keep buying it now, my favourite is Wild :)

My favourite skincare products - makes me happy!

I just love the way these products make me feel, not just on my skin but on the inside as well. So happy to know that I'm putting clean and nourishing products on my skin. I've been using the 3 step system for over 6 months now and keep getting comments on how much my skin is glowing! The over the moon moisturiser is the best, it's rich, but not greasy and the Raindrops on Roses toner is so lovely and fresh. I alternate between the charcoal cleanser and the Cloud 9 cleansing balm and my skin has never felt so clean. One happy girl :)

Best Deodorant I have Found

This deodorant is off the charts good!! It not only hides the BO, but also leaves my pits soft and sting free!! My favourite would have to be the urban, however for those extra muggy days the wild shines. Love this deodorant!!!

Life changing

Never leave reviews but feel the need to be honest and tell people how amazing this product is. Have been using it religiously for over a year now and if I ever run out and have to use normal deodorant my body reacts so badly and hates it! Has definitely improved my hyperhydrosis excessive sweating issues immensely and couldn’t love this product more :) !

Excellent products

I’ve been using the 3 step system for about 4 weeks now and my face feels about a million times better. And my hands, which always get dry during winter, are no longer dry. The perfectly happy cream is light enough for my face and the over the moon is rich enough for my hands. I fully recommend these products. Thanks Aaron and Phoebe :)

Didn't work for me...

Tried it out a sample for the first time yesterday in the air-conditioned indoors and the humid outdoors in Singapore - within 3 hours I started to unfortunately stink. I had to re-apply it again.
I also think that my skin reacted to the bicarb - it felt a little itchy.
I've been trying a couple of natural deos (Crystal, Tom's) without much success. Will move on to trying other brands.
On the plus side, I liked the scent and it didn't stain my clothes.

Hi Xuan It sounds like you might be going through an adjustment period. We have sent you an email explaining about it more and also with some tips on how to get through it faster.


Sunday mornings just got better
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