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If you’re thinking of ‘taking the plunge’ and giving Happy Skincare a shot (*fist pump*), have a read through the praise that we’ve received from our amazing customers :)
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Love, love, love this oil! My skin is smoother and clearer, redness is reduced and a small scar on my cheek has definitely faded with continued use. I do use other Happy products as well, so couldn't say for sure it's this oil alone that's given me such great results, but as a more recent addition to my skin care regime it's definitely made a difference. Yes, it does have a nutty smell - but guess I'm lucky, because I actually like the smell too. :)

Woohoo keeps impressing me!

I bought this eco tube after using the plastic tubs in a couple different scents and loving them! I can't say this flavour is my favourite, but the tube is so convenient and makes using it so much quicker and easier! Love.

More convenient than the paste

Does the job of the paste, without sticky fingers.


this scrub smells good enough to eat! Seriously....its gingerbread. Its a bit messy till you get used to using it - just because its crumbly until mixed with the water, but I still love it. Not too abrasive on my face.

It’s good

I prefer the paste to the stick. This product is brilliant. No more itchiness, rashes or having to reapply like the big brand name I used to use. I highly recommend trying this product. 100%

Great Intro paste!

Perfect paste to see how your body will respond beyond the sample packs.
Zero rashes and no reactions to this.
However I did find after using it for a few weeks, I needed a bit more strength as I felt I was cutting through this particular one.
Which only meant I have now expanded my repertoire which isn't a bad thing at all :)

Sniffed my 9yo arm pits this arvo - absolutey NO BO smell!!!!

Bless you woohoo... sniffed my 9yo arm pits this arvo - absolutey NO BO smell!!!! I know the products are great, but wow - I'm still amazed!!! Thank you for making the mellow stick, THANK YOU!!! 😘😘😘

try the sample packs love it so much I brought full size
It feels amazing I have a tiny breakout due to hormones but nothing to what I used to get and thinking I might need the serum to help with those stubborn spot that’s occasionally pop up

Mayor reactions

I have not been able to use the produc past 3 days. I had major reactions and now can’t use the product

Hi Hayley, thank you for taking the time to leave your review. I'm so sorry that you have had a reaction to Woohoo was it a particular scent than you had tried!. Have you used natural deodorants previously or had any skin reactions in the past ? Please feel free to get in touch with us at getsweaty@woohoobody.com.au so that we can further discuss with you.
Smell is great and works well for a bit

Lovely fragrance on all them. But it doesn’t work for very long? Maybe 3-4 hours then you get BO smell. I don’t know why. I’ve used it repeatedly for the last few weeks. But it still doesn’t work longer than a few hours. I probs will have to switch back to No Pong soon. As this formula isn’t working for my skin. Thanks

We appreciate you taking the time to write your honest review. I'm sorry your experience has been less than amazing! Our Wild is our strongest odour buster with a higher level of bicarb and the strongest scent, but if the essential oil mix is not right for your body chemistry it may not be so pleasing. Some find the least scented ones work best for them, Another thing to consider is whether the scent is actually living in your clothing rather than on you ! If you'd like some help please let us know as we should be able to get Woohoo working like a dream for you. getsweaty@woohoobody.com.au

NEW ECO-TUBES! - Woohoo Deodorant & Anti-Chafe Stick (Urban) 60g

Great product

Easy to use and better still it works.

100000000 stars

This is by far the best deodorant I have ever used. I have had to use men’s sports before. This stuff there is absolutely no odour what so ever. Even after 24hrs.

Love this deodorant, one of the best natural deodorants I've ever used

The smell, the packaging, the consistency, and the ability to keep odour at bay are all A+. I'd 100% recommend to anyone. Especially handy is having the trial pack tubs to decant some into for travel/work. Love your products WOOHOO!

NEW ECO-TUBES! - Woohoo Deodorant & Anti-Chafe Stick (Urban) 60g

Smells amazing

I don’t usually go in for body scrubs but this one gets a big tick from me. It’s not harsh on your skin and smells beautiful. Have purchased again so I can give as gifts.


I’ve tried a few natural deodorants but I love this tube style. It’s easy to use and store and great for travel and it works keeping you fresh and smelling great!

Mellow paste

I bought a tester pack a few months ago and use the mellow paste in the evenings. Helps at bight when I sweat a bit and it is so easy to use.

Smooth as silk

Lovely makes your skin feel smooth soft and hydrated. :-)


A lovely light spray, great to use with happy skincare oils. Ah bliss!!

absolutely fantastic!

i have tried several different natural deodorants in the past, and nothing worked. I came across WooHoo deodorants in my FB news feed, read some reviews and thought I would give natural deodorant one more shot. I ordered the sample pack and i have not looked back! Amazingly, this stuff ACTUALLY WORKS! I have now got my teenage boys onto this deodorant, and I feel confident, coming into summer that I wont have any BO problems!! i would recommend this product to everyone! thank you!!!

Woohoo Urban

Very happy.. it really does work

Easy to Use

How great to have my favourite deodorant in a tube, this makes like easy on the go & when I'm training.

Excellent deodorant!

Both my partner and I have been using the Woohoo deodorant pastes and just love them. They go on well and wash off easily at the end of the day. Plus they give even him who sweats heavily plenty of protection.

Surprisingly Smooth & makes me look fresh & Young

I love it as it’s not greasy it absorbs into your skin & feeds nourishes it gives it a glow all day long😀 Beautiful!!!

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