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Happy Customers

If you’re thinking of ‘taking the plunge’ and giving Happy Skincare a shot (*fist pump*), have a read through the praise that we’ve received from our amazing customers :)
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Skin soaks it up

The blissed out body oil feels lovely although found it’s a lot easier to apply just out of the shower. I love the smell too.


This serum has definitely brightened my skin, it seems clearer. Another great happy product. I will definitely buy again.

Super Sized Sample Pack (Teen Skin)

I bought this pack as a gift for my 11 year old daughter who was keen to start looking after her skin. The products are lovely and she's really enjoyed feeling like a grown up running through her face routine. Her skin is looking lovely and is really soft and we love that the ingredients are all natural. The sample pack is the perfect size for travelling so she can keep up her skin routine even while on holidays!

I love the way it feels on my skin. I use this every night along with the Sweet Dreams cream; this really is the winning combination for my very dry skin. My skin is still soft and hydrated in the morning. Thank you!

Perfect Night Cream

I love this thick and deeply moisturising night cream. I have very dry skin and when I pair this with the Fairy Godmother Serum #1, it is a winning combination. My skin still feels soft and hydrated in the morning. Thank You!


This product is very hydrating and reduced redness within a few days!

Calming & soothing

This product in my experience hasn't necessarily gotten rid of my acne but I do appreciate that it has helped my acne not be as red or inflamed and it is very calming. I feel like it speeds up the healing process as well. Overall it's a very nice product; but for the price I expected it to help a bit more in controlling and preventing my acne rather than reacting to it.

A bit of a hassle to use

I wasn't blown away by this product if I'm being honest. I love Happy skincare but these sticks just don't do it for me. It was constantly hard to push the stick out each time even though it said it would only be hard the first time, my stick often had parts of it breaking off and making a bit of a mess, and if the weather or your environment is even slightly cold, it is very hard to get the stick to soften and be easy to apply, even after holding it to my skin. Basically, it's just not as easy and convenient as I would like. The smell is nice and the product does the job of preventing you from smelling throughout the day but unfortunately I won't be purchasing this product again.

Great tube But prefer the Tub!

Dont get me wrong, the tube is great but i find the tub much better.
In the heat, its a bit too soft, in the cool its too hard.
So youre adjusting the application firmness to whatever the weather is.
My teenage son uses it also and although the fragrance is perfect for him, he struggles with it getting stuck on his underarm hairs and ends up having to rub it in with his fingers regardless.
Will be sticking to the tubs cos the product itself is brilliant! :)

Good, but not great.

This natural deodorant is good and is the first natural one that doesnt irritate my skin and give me a rash, which is amazing. Even other sensitive natural deodorants gave me rashes. The only trouble is that it doesnt last the day. I have to apply at night before bed and again in the morning then if it is a really humid and hot day and I sweat a lot, I have to apply again in the afternoon. So I go through a lot more product. It does get me through an hour gym session though which is a plus. Will still continue to use this product as it is really gentle on my very sensitive skin and is still good value for money.

Miracle worker!

This serum is the best thing that I have tried for my acne. I have only been using it for 2 days and already my stubborn red acne scars have drastically reduced. I was a bit hesitant because of the price and I have tried similar products in the past that haven't worked but now it's going to be part of my skincare routine forever. Will definitely keep reordering thank you Happy Skincare!

Woohoo! What a great deodorant

Having always been very wary of trying different deodorants because of extremely sensitive skin, I am so very happy that this one works. I love the fact that it is light on perfume, that it is easy to apply and that it does its job as a deodorant.And my skin thanks me. No redness, chaffing or irritations. Just love it!

Sunscreen for a sensitive and mature face

This is truly an amazing product. It was so easy to apply, and was beautifully absorbed by my aging and very sensitive skin. The product felt great to wear and certainly has shown no sign of irritating my skin. I am so glad I have tried it.

Happy as a pig in mud!

This mask is unlike any other I have tried. Easy to apply, easy to wash off and skin looks and feels amazing after, It truly is Happy Skin Care

Can't live without my Raindrops

Love the smell and love the way my skin is rehydrated and dewy. Helps make my moisturiser and foundation last a lot longer too, Great value for money!


I cant say enough about this paste - it is amazing - can handle the "park run"- followed by a bike ride in amongst all this humidity. I exercise a lot and before I discovered this amazing product I would be a bit smelly - and now I after using it- I am odour free and feeling very fresh.

Not only natural and gentler on your body but it really keeps you fresh and BO free

I regularly use the ‘Mellow’ deodorant paste and recently purchased two lots of samples to try out the other fragrances and to also share them out amongst friends. I sing Woohoo praises to everyone I know as their deodorant paste is not only natural and gentler on your body but it really keeps you fresh and BO free.

Three of my friends have advised me they will also now be purchasing after trialling the sample pots I handed out. One was previously using two lots of regular deodorant at once to keep herself smelling pleasant and though she was hesitant to use something else she tried the ‘Surf’ deodorant paste and is now a convert.

We also love the fact that the deodorant comes in tin and cardboard packaging options and is Australian.

Great cleanser

This cleanser is a great everyday cleanser, it leaves my skin feeling clean and fresh. I highly recommend this product for anyone with breakouts or sensitive skin.


Not a huge fan of the mellow and surf but thats only because i like something with a stronger smell. They all are easy to apply and they last all day, i will be buying both wild and urban when i get a chance.

Love! Love! Love!

I have tried a few natural deodorants, but they either don't work or I react to the bicarb or fragrance in them.

Woohoo is the best! My skin does not react, It keeps me feeling fresh, smells great & I adore the eco tube packaging. Winning all round! ❤❤


This moisturiser is light and soaks in to my skin well, but it stings my skin when i first apply it. It might just be the vitamin c. But it’s a wonderful light moisturiser aside from the slight sting.

​Thank you so much for taking the time to leave your honest review. I'm sorry to hear that you've experienced a reaction!! Have you reacted to Vitamin C in the past ? We would love for you to get in touch with us at we would really like to establish what may be triggering this reaction for you.
Mellow deodorant paste

This deodorant worked well for me I had no reactions like I have with other brands will defininetly purchase again.

Totally Surprised In A Good Way!

I needed to find a deodorant that didn’t contain aluminium. I can be a sweaty person especially in summer so I was worried natural deodorants wouldn’t cut it. After reading the reviews I thought I would give Woohoo a try. I couldn’t
decide on the one to choose and I can be fussy
with some fragrances so I choose the sample if four a go (free shipping was a bonus). I have tried all four and they are amazing! They all smell wonderful and are easy to apply. Best of all absolutely no stinky smell even on a 40C degree day! Don’t let the size of the sample fool you. You only need a small amount and they last ages. I highly recommend the samples so you can choose your favourite and decide which one works best for you.


Love it don’t sweat even in the humidity

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