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If you’re thinking of ‘taking the plunge’ and giving Happy Skincare a shot (*fist pump*), have a read through the praise that we’ve received from our amazing customers :)
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Very happy. Excellent product that actually works!

It actually works

Having tried the mud mask in the past, when I saw the acne sample pack advertised I thought I had nothing to lose. I'd been battling with hormonal acne since I stopped breastfeeding my son and basically hadn't been pimple free for over 18 months!
The difference was noticeable after I'd finished the sample pack, but I thought maybe it was just good luck. I went on to purchase full size products and have been virtually pimple free for 6 weeks!! I can't explain it but I'm not complaining. Considering I was using harsh medicated products prior I can't believe how these natural products are working for my skin. Most noticeably the inflammation has totally reduced. So even if I do get a pimple it's less angry and disappears quicker.
I would recommend these products to anyone battling with troublesome acne

Became a staple

This is literally my only one product I stock up every single time i run out of it. And I got it when it came out (so probably used 4-5). Its so gentle on the skin, if does what it says, it smells great despite sweating (healthy way for your body) and since giving birth now im not afraid of holding my baby close to me as im not exposing her to toxic smells and products. It’s a killer and will always be in my drawer! Never stop making it ✨

A multivitamin for under your eyes

This cream really helps to reduce puffiness under the eyes and I love how hydrated my skin looks after I use it! I don't have too much ageing around my eyes just yet as I'm in my 20s, but you know what they say - prevention is better than a cure


I have tried both the urban and wild so far and love then both, not pimples under my arms like others ive tried. I will be probably buy the Wild, as im a hot yoga teacher and train daily, so i need the extra strength. Thank you!

Best thing you will ever put on your pits!

Have been using this deodorant among the other woohoo 'flavours' for two years now, honestly the best decision I have ever made. This product work so well, no stinky pits here! The product also lasts a long time, takes me about 4 months to get through the 70g tub.


Absolutely love this moisturiser and this brand! I have been using their products for two years now and keep coming back! In particular this moisturiser is so hydrating but isn't greasy or too heavy! Perfect for the winter months and also sits really well under makeup :)

I tried happy skincare after overhearing a conversation in my hairdressers about how happy this lady was with your product and how it had cleared up her problem skin. I have had decades of bad skin/breakouts and have seen dermatologists and had all kinds of prescription medication to help it. So, having tried everything I thought why not give it a go. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised at the generous sample pack. I am now a few weeks into using your products and I am really happy with how gentle and effective it is. My very dry, breakout prone skin is definitely much more hydrated now and breakouts are much less than they have been. I particularly like the eye cream - even my partner commented on how I look more refreshed! I plan to stay with your products now and I look forward to eventually trying some other products in your range. I am very happy to try some new products if you are looking for testers. Kate

No pong!!

A brilliant product that out performs every deodorant I have ever used. Highly recommend this product. I have sensitive skin and I have had zero issues using this deodorant. It's a winner !!

Awesome product

I’ve struggled to find anything for my lips other than bepanthen (which tastes gross but does wonders), but unfortunately it’s not vegan. I have very dry and sensitive skin. I wasn’t 100% sure about this balm when I started using it but the more I use it the more I love it. I rarely need to apply it because it lasts for ages. It’s usually just morning and night other than windy days when my lips are more dry. I highly recommend this lip balm!

Awesome product

No girl likes to smell and the girls in my family are totally "wild" over the Wild paste! or as we say Green is Mean to BO. Great product, easy to apply and even facing the wildest of challenges at work from presenting to meeting new customers - no smells and no fear of lifting arms... Happy days!!!

Love the face wash!

Face wash, toner and mask were AMAZING! The oil is beautiful but for me I prefer only using it at night and like a lighter moisturiser for the mornings!!

Excellent !

I love this cleanser , its really gentle but actually deep cleans . Feels non irritating and the scent is refreshing.

Spot on

The smells are absolutely amazing and are so fresh! It makes me smell super fresh and it doesn't stain my clothes or feel oily!

Doesn’t make you smell worse

Other natural deodorants make you smell worse! This one is not intrusive, really subtle smelling. The paste thing weirded me out a bit at first but I got used to it and now kinda prefer it! Honestly the best couldn’t recommend it more!

Love it :)

Wild converted me to natural deodorants. I've tried a few brands before this and after a couple of months of daily use i have had no itchy reactions :) it smells great, is very easy to apply and keeps me smelling fresh for at least 16 hours. Surprisingly i don't feel any wetter than i did when i was using antiperspirants. Can't wait to try the new fragrance. Thanks Woohoo

Brilliance in a Bottle!

My skin absorbs this so well. It’s helped with fine lines. And the moisture in my skin is fantastic! Love it!

Mellow for the win

I have tried natural deodorants before and they haven’t worked. So I have given up on them and gone back to my supermarket bought deodorant. I ordered the sample pack to give them a go, and I love the Mellow. I have used it everyday for over a fortnight now and am disappointed my sample pot is empty. Will be investing in a large pot after writing this review. Glad to have found a natural alternative that works and thankful for the smaller sample sizes so I could try them out before buying a big tub!


I have been struggling for as long as I can remember with antiperspirants and I feel like the last 6 months they have made me smell worse! I found woohoo and found that they have a plastic free option and it’s helping me tick goals for me plastic free future and for not smelling! Highly recommend!!

Great deodorant

This is a great deodorant for sensitive skin. What a winner!!

I’m a fan

This is great. Really nice smell and actually works!! Yay!

The best skincare I’ve ever used

After purchasing the sampale pack and using it for 2 weeks I didn’t hesitate to purchase the full size package plus a few extras. My skin has never felt or looked so amazing and I owe my renewed skin to Happy skincare

Best natural deodorant I've tried

From the smell of essential oils to the silky feel of the paste on your fingers - I was hooked from first sight. And then to discover it actually works, well that was the icing on the cake. I can tell from your great formulation that you guys know what you're doing. So thankful to find a natural product that doesn't disappoint. Well done guys.

Great idea

I am really glad woohoo offer the sample packages - I personally found that I didn't like the smell of Urban but it worked perfectly.
I enjoyed the smell of Wild more than Urban but I think the higher bicarb didnt agree with my body and made me itch a little.
My favourite hands down is mellow. The low bicarb worked amazingly with my body and kept any odours away as promised.
Overall an awesome product and I would definitely recommend the sample pack to figure out what works for you!
If you could mix the smell of Wild and the formula of Mellow I'd be in heaven!

Ps - definitely invest in the little scoop, its so much easier!

5 plus stars

I usually use my 3 Cheers Cleansing Oil in conjunction with the Konjac sponge (for oil removal). This leaves my 48 year old, post teenage severe acne scarred, oily skin feeling soft, smooth and supple! I use the oil twice a day, both in the shower and at the sink and find it easy to use. There is no need to second guess the amount you're using as the pump dispenser delivers the exact amount (I alternate between one and the recommended two pumps). I have only been using the oil for a few weeks, but I will definitely be using it for a lot longer.


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