Happy Earth Recycling Program

Happy Earth Recycling Club

No matter what kind of packaging you use - even if it is plastic free (like glass bottles) - you need to make sure it’s being recycled properly.

If it’s not, then it just means more landfill and more strain on the environment. And that’s the complete opposite of what we’re trying to achieve!

We feel an ENORMOUS responsibility as a brand that our impact on the Earth is not a negative one. We don’t even want a neutral impact. We want to make this place better, happier, healthier for everyone.

Click here to read our blog post about why it's important to send your empty beauty products to us rather than putting them into your council recycling bin.

Want free Happy products?

Collect your beauty product packaging, tubes, bottles, pumps, sprayers and send them to us. Not just Happy Skincare. We want em’ all! (but they do need to be clean or very well scraped out.)

Send them to us at:
Happy Skincare
8 Harris Street,
Maryville NSW 2289

We’ll save them up and once we have enough we will then send your empties to Terracycle so they can get a new life.

In return for every 8 full sized empties we receive, you’ll earn your choice of FREE full-sized product with your next order (conditions apply). Nice, right?

Ready to recycle?

Get your goodies packed up and send us the details below :)


Happy Earth Recycling Club Terms and Conditions

  1. Your used packaging must be clean or well scraped out.
  2. We can accept packaging from personal care items and cosmetics.
  3. You are responsible for shipping costs to Happy Skincare, 8 Harris Street, Maryville NSW, 2293 AUSTRALIA.
  4. This offer is open to Australian residents only. 
  5. You must let us know about deliveries before they arrive at our warehouse by completing the online form in which you let us know which product is your preferred free product.
  6. If you send us 8 or more full sized recyclable products we will send you a voucher for your free product via email upon receiving the delivery. The voucher does not include shipping, so we recommend using it next time you're placing a Happy Skincare order so you only pay for shipping once.
  7. Your free product can not be the only product in your order i.e. you must purchase a minimum of 2 items (including the free item). 
  8. You can also send sample sized products but these do not count towards the 8 products required to earn a free Happy Skincare product.
  9. There is a limit of 1 free product voucher being issued per customer per calendar month.
  10. The free product will be your choice of full sized Happy Skincare or Woohoo Body products. Excludes samples, Dilo Oil 100ml, 3 Step Happy Systems and gifts and value packs.
  11. If your preferred free product isn't available we'll contact you by email to find out your alternative preference.
  12. To redeem your free product you must use your voucher code at the checkout. There's a limit of 1 voucher code per order.
  13. Your free product voucher code must be used within 12 months.
  14. Packages must be clearly marked with sender's name (this should match the name you told us in the online form).
  15. We are not responsible for any packages lost or missing during transit.
  16. These terms and conditions are subject to change.
  17. THANK YOU for caring so much about the Earth and helping us create positive change.


Happy Skincare