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Helping the Community

Sharing is caring!
When we first started Happy Skincare we always had in mind that we would be a business that contributed back. We first supported an orphanage in Mexico because a very good friend of ours was able to connect us with the right people. In our eyes it was a small contribution but the photos of smiling faces we received as a "thank you" has always stuck with us. The children at Casa Hogar del Nino Feliz

We want to create more smiling moments

So we are changing things up. We have revamped the way we are going to "Give Back" but we need a very small helping hand. We are not going to ask you to go knocking on doors or call strangers and sell them raffle tickets. Many of you have told us that you are already telling everyone you know about us - and we are truly appreciative of this! To show our appreciation we are going to pay it forward. If you know of someone - a sister, aunty, uncle, or the lady next door - who might like what we do here at Happy Skincare and you tell them about us we will donate 10% of every product (in EVERY order, for as long as they use Happy Skincare) to a worthy cause.

Not 10% of profit but 10% of the order total will be put into a kitty for a charity.

All you need to do if you know someone who is keen to give Happy Skincare a go send them our way us via this link and as always we will bend over backwards to take care of them:

The more it is shared the better so please feel free to email, tweet and facebook the hell out of it. But please use the above link or the buttons on this page. If they don’t use that link we won’t be able to track it an allocate the 10% donation to worthy causes.
Sharing is caring!
If you are OK to help in this small way then together we may be able to bring a smile to someone who really needs it locally or abroad. Below is a list of some of the organisations we have helped so far but we want that list to grow and grow fast :)
  • Hunter Breast Cancer Foundation (HBCF)
  • Casa Hogar el Nino Feliz Orphanage Mexico
  • The Violet Ball
  • Casey Asperger Syndrome Support Group
  • Jasmines Assistance Dog Fundraiser
  • A Night For Steph Fundraiser

Don't forget to share our link to spread the word and help us give a little back

Sharing is caring!
Thank you, thank you, thank you! Here is a video and some photos of the kids at the Casa Hogar el Nino Feliz orphanage. Aren't they lovely! We're looking forward to putting smiles like that on their faces for years to come.
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