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Have you got a stash of Happy products? Have you diligently been following the instructions on the labels, to make sure you get the absolute most out of them?

If you have, that’s amazing! And your skin is most likely thanking you for it each and every day.

BUT. (Yep, there’s a but). Today we’re giving you a license to stray away from the rules. Get creative. Go a bit wild. Today we’re going to see what OTHER ways you can use our creations.

We’re always listening to you, our little happy family, and over the years we’ve heard some cracker ways that you’ve been multi-purposing your products. By using your products to do more than 1 job not only are you saving cash, you’re also helping the planet (less products = less packaging = less shipping = happier earth).

Ready for some of our favourites? Here they are!

  1. Treat spots with the Pig In Mud Mineral Mask - just dip a cotton tip into water then into your mask and dot it on
  2. Customise your Pig In Mud Mineral Mask with your tonic- whether you’re a Tickled Pink gal or a Raindrops on Roses fan, use your tonic instead of water to mix with your mineral mask for a nutrient-boosted supermask.
  3. Nourish your eyes with the All Things Nice Multipurpose Balm - Just dab it on like you would your eye cream
  4. Condition your hair and beat frizz with your All Things Nice Multipurpose Balm - A teensy weensy amount in the palm of your hands massaged into your roots after shampooing will give you amazing shine and smoothness.
  5. DIY liquid foundation - Mix your favourite facial oil (Good Vibes Omega Facial Oil is our favourite for this!) with your loose Eco Minerals powders for a liquid foundation and phenomenal hydration
  6. Don’t wash off your Cloud 9 Deep Cleansing Balm for extra moisture- Whether you need extra moisture or protection from cold and wind this is the bomb. Wear it for as long as you like as an ultra moisturising mask.
  7. Use your 3 Cheers Cleansing Oil as a pre-shave oil - our beloved cleansing oil will give you a smooth and irritation free shave every time.
  8. Do a 2nd cleanse with your Tickled Pink Perfecting Tonic - ever felt like you needed something a little extra to get your oil-based cleanser or makeup off? Wipe with the Tickled Pink for a really effective 2nd cleanse. Just quietly, it’s also an awesome aftershave (but we don’t want anyone stealing your Tickled Pink now, do we?).
  9. Set makeup with your Raindrops on Roses Hydrating Tonic - just spray after applying your mineral makeup to set your makeup and give you a gorgeous dewy finish.
  10. Stay fresh when travelling with your Raindrops on Roses Hydrating Tonic - or just spritz any time you’re stuck in air conditioning for longer than your skin likes!
  11. Exfoliate your face with your Kicks and Giggles Body Scrub - remember to be gentle, but the coffee in this scrub is fantabulous for acne and breakouts. We do stress though - be gentle and definitely avoid your eye area.
  12. Relax in the bath with your 3 Cheers Cleansing Oil - a spoonful of 3 Cheers will give your bath a beautiful aroma.
  13. Pump up the Vitamin C with your Happily Ever After Vitamin C Eye Serum - this serum’s talents don’t just stop at your eye area. Your whole face (and other problem areas!) can benefit from this light cream-style serum’s Vitamin C and caffeine hit.
  14. Protect from chafe with your Woohoo - our best selling all natural deodorant paste can also be used in those areas that rub and get uncomfortable, like under your bust and between your thighs. Steer clear of your sensitive bits though :)
  15. Stop smelly feet with your Woohoo All Natural Deodorant Paste - yep, Woohoo can bust odour anywhere, even your feet.
  16. Recover from too much sun with your Pep Me Up Hand and Foot Cream - (OK, so we have trouble counting - there's just too many of these!) If your skin is a bit pink after too many hours in the sun, the Pep Me Up might be just what you need. 

… and this is just the beginning!

Have you got a clever little way to make your Happy Skincare products work overtime? We'd love to hear it - just leave us a comment below :) 

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