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Happiness is the best thing in the world.

It’s a feeling that’s instantly transforming, empowering and uplifting. It’s a feeling that inspires the deepest belly laughs and the brightest of smiles but as much as we wish it was, it is not always permanent.

We’ve all been there, when life gets in the way, be it moments of stress or testing times, sometimes there is no better remedy than taking a deep breath, closing your eyes, and going to your happy place.

Whether it’s your favourite café on a slow Sunday morning, or that little secluded beach you discovered last summer, everybody’s happy place is different.

There’s one big thing in common though – that thought, memory or action is specifically designed to do just one simple thing – make you happy. So we encourage you to go there often until joy starts to brim abundantly throughout your life.

We've been lucky enough to connect with some amazing women to find out how they "follow their happy".

And you know what we found out?

There's no one way to be happy. There's no single answer.

We all have a happy place within us, and your happy place is yours and yours alone. You just need to find what it is that gives you that inner glow and grab onto it so you can visit that place again and again :)

Here's what these leading ladies do to follow their happy:



“My happy place is when i’m surrounded by positive energy. I strive to surround myself with inspiring uplifting people to help me feel grounded, energised and of course happy.”

– Brooke Meredith,

Sarah Holloway


“My happy place is when I go for a walk with my partner, Nic, and our dog, Paul, and leave our phones at home. It's one of our favourite things to do.”

– Sarah Holloway,


“If you have good thoughts, they will shine out of your face like sunbeams
and you will always look lovely” – Roald Dahl


Sian Pascale


“My happy place is usually after a period of going deep into my daily practise of meditation, pranayama, asana and chanting. From this state I find myself doing loving things that build on this happiness, like being present with my loved ones, taking time to look after myself with good sleep and also with juicy delicious self care rituals.”

– Sian Pascale,

Alison Morgan

“My happy place is when I take regular breaks from the desk with a quick 10 minute walk outside in the fresh air. A short break to reset makes all the difference to a busy day.”

– Alison Morgan,

“ My happy place is when I think happy thoughts, daily yoga, meditation & fresh plant-based food. If I am in a funk there is nothing that makes me happy faster than a morning swim in the ocean. ...and there is always my baby girl to cheer me up with her cheeky smiles, my cuddly puppy and my husband who happens to be my best friend.”

– Liv Lundelius,

Emmily Banks


“I follow my happy by spending time in nature with loved ones, nourishing my body with nutritious food and feeling fit and strong with daily movement.”

– Emmily Banks,

“Be so busy loving your life that you have no time for hate, regret or fear”
– Karen Salmansohn
Caroline Groth



"I like to Follow My Happy by tuning into myself. I know when I love myself fully, and treat myself well by meditating, eating healthy, moving my body and living in the moment, I provide, not only the best version of me to myself, but the very best version to those around me. Happy, for me, is to cherish the moment and everything that comes with it, it's to feel joyous, and it's to love with the full depth of my heart and entire being"

-  Caroline Groth,

Amy Darcy


“For me I am happy when I am living in the now, not worried about things that have passed, or the things that are to come, but being grateful for the good things God has given me now. It’s so easy for us to think things like ‘I’ll be happier when I lose 5 kilos/get a better house/earn a better income/get a better relationship but the key to happiness is being grateful for what you have been given NOW, even when it isn’t perfect.”

- Amy Darcy,

Sally Oneil

Every morning I allow myself 1 hours of ‘me’ time to exercise. This could be a sweaty gym session, yoga, or even just a nice long walk in the park. It sets me up in a good mood for the day ahead and helps me find my happy!

Sally O’neil,

Connie Chapman


"I follow my happy by creating a nourishing morning ritual for myself. The way I use this time changes each day, but it often includes meditation, writing in my journal, some gentle yoga stretching or a sunrise run at the beach. Carving out this precious time allows me to tune into myself before the demands of the day begin, and ensures I show up as my best self."

Connie Chapman,

Andrea Brown


“I'm happiest when I'm taking time out for myself, spending time with my puppy and eating delicious vegan food”

- Andrea Brown,

How do you #FollowYourHappy? Leave a comment below :)

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