Sulphur – the mineral your skin is crying out for

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There are so, so, so many great and wondrous ingredients out there to help your skin (and of course every savvy sales person is claiming theirs is the best).

Some are over-hyped and not worth your time but others are well and truly under-rated but worth their weight in gold. It can be difficult to cut through all the marketing to tell one from the other!

The beauty mineral sulphur in one ingredient that deserves your attention

Sulphur wasn’t always regarded as being an essential nutrient but these days we know that it’s vital for good skin, healthy joints and an optimal digestive system.

Simply put, Sulphur helps cells utilise oxygen.

And this has tremendous health benefits because your cells are the building blocks for everything. Some of Sulphur’s many talents are that it:

  • allows cell walls to be permeable (so nutrients can get in and toxins are turfed out).
  • is used by the body to create new healthy cells and is needed for your skin to create collagen (if you don’t want saggy skin, collagen is one thing that definitely want more of!)
  • allows your body to fully utilise the benefits of other vitamins and minerals (imagine something that could make your Vitamin C Eye Serum even more potent…).
  • has been reported to help acne, dry skin, itching, scarring and damaged nails.

Sulphur has been dubbed the beauty mineral because when your cells are working optimally it shows in your skin. Lots of acne products are now using sulphur instead of benzoyl peroxide because it treats the breakouts without the harsh, drying side-effects.

Now that you know about the powers of sulphur there’s one burning question…

Where can I get Sulphur for my skin?

Food – Avocado’s, eggs, papaya, onions, garlic, pineapple, coconut, broccoli, spinach, kale and cabbage are all high in sulphur. How good does an onion, garlic and kale smoothie sound? Ickypoo. Maybe not. Maybe a kale, paypaya, pineapple and coconut one will taste better?

Hot Springs – The perfect excuse to visit New Zealand. Rotorua NZ may be a bit smelly (due to all the volcanic sulphur) but they have the best hot springs. The high temperature of the water increases the amount of dissolved minerals in the water which are absorbed by your skin. Hot springs also have other fantastic beauty minerals like selenium, silica and magnesium.

MSM – MSM (methylsulfonylmethane) is a natural, bioavailable form of sulphur. Its main claim to fame in the medical world is for its ability to decrease inflammation and provide pain relief for arthritis suffers (It was the secret for many successful race horses). But now it’s creating a major stir in the beauty world because of its skin benefits and anti-ageing properties.

Even though MSM it is mainly used as a dietary supplement it can also be used in skincare products. That is why it’s a mainstay in Happy Skincare products and we’re convinced MSM is the secret behind how effective our products are (Shhhh!).

Something Special for Msm (Oops – I mean “Mum”!) for Mother’s Day

Sorry, easy mistake to make – we have MSM on the brain!

Every single product in this year’s ‘Love you, Mum’ gift pack contains MSM. We told you we loved it. Almost as much as we love our Mums (not really – nothing comes close to that!)

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